City Tripping 41

City Tripping #41

It has been a busy week in our household as our daughter turned FOUR! I can’t believe it has been four years since I became a mum but then it’s hard to imagine life without her or our newest addition who turns three months old today! To celebrate the fourth birthday, we took a trip […] Read more…

City Tripping 40

City Tripping #40

Summer seems to have finally arrived in the UK. Long, hot days and balmy nights is what August should be about and the past week we have been treated to just that. It has been so sunny I have spent the past three days in London parks having picnics! It is weather like this that reminds me […] Read more…

City Tripping 39

City Tripping #39

As a family who travels around a fair bit, sometimes it can be very satisfying to simply enjoy the sights of our local area. To try and relax (as much as you can with a young baby) knowing home is just a short walk away. Of course, it helps when said local area is bathed […] Read more…

City Tripping 38

City Tripping #38

The summer holidays are here and it feels like a ghost town where I live as everyone has upped and left to head to warmer climes. The quiet roads are great for getting around in the car but not so great if you want people to hang out with! In central London though it was a […] Read more…

City Tripping 37

City Tripping #37

Two countries, 2,000 miles, two kids and 9 lodgings. We have just completed an epic road trip which has taken us from the cosmopolitan city of Lyon to the rustic Marche region of Italy, the historic villages of Provence and the mountains of the French Alps. It has been a diverse journey. It ended this […] Read more…

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