City Tripping

City Tripping #97

There’s nothing like being surrounded by other bloggers to inspire and give you a small kick into shape. Last week I went to YouTube event put together in collaboration with Britmums. It was brilliant and meant I got to meet up with my City Tripping co-host Cathy too! We came away a little wiser and […] Read more…

City Tripping City of London

City Tripping #95

I’m a big fan of an autumn getaway, aren’t you? Nothing quite beats leaving a rainy London behind and hopping on a short flight to get some warm sun. This year we flew to the Greek island of Santorini for a five-day family holiday – which was amazing. Santorini was somewhere I’d always wanted to […] Read more…

City Tripping: Tower of London

City Tripping #93

I feel very far removed from city life at the moment. I’m enjoying some late autumn sunshine on the Greek island of Santorini. Having heard so much about the picturesque island, it has been on my travel list for some time. I can’t quite believe I’m actually here (check out my Instagram feed for picture […] Read more…

City Tripping

City Tripping #91

A fornight ago I was lamenting the end of summer and although I’m still doing that (can’t get my head around the shorter days), writing up some of my travels over the summer has cheered me up. My latest post, which I am linking to this week’s City Tripping, is our family day out to Portsmouth […] Read more…

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