City Tripping

City Tripping #91

A fornight ago I was lamenting the end of summer and although I’m still doing that (can’t get my head around the shorter days), writing up some of my travels over the summer has cheered me up. My latest post, which I am linking to this week’s City Tripping, is our family day out to Portsmouth […] Read more…

City Tripping Bordeaux: Pixabay

City Tripping #89

September is always a time of change, isn’t it? In our household, Mrs T has gone into Year 1 – bringing home her first piece of homework this week. I’ve gone back to work part-time after maternity leave which means cheeky has started nursery. One thing that hasn’t changed though is City Tripping. Yes, it’s […] Read more…

Nantes, city tripping

City Tripping #87

Welcome back to City Tripping following the summer break. The summer already seems long gone here in the UK but I’ve lots of wonderful memories of adventures at home and abroad. Our trip to the south of France went really well so I have lots to tell about our travel in Provence and the Dordogne. […] Read more…

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