Gothenburg, City Tripping

City Tripping #50

It’s funny how a few weeks ago I was slightly oblivious to exactly when the school holidays were happening. With our daughter now at school, they have suddenly taken on a greater significance for us. It means no school, a four year old to entertain and the only opportunity we have to go away. So, it’s holiday […] Read more…

City Tripping 49

City Tripping #49

The leaves are turning red, orange and brown and drifting off the trees like snowflakes. Autumn is definitely here although the UK temperatures don’t seem to reflect it. Taking advantage of the sun, we set out for a nature walk this weekend to be amongst the autumnal hues. Not very ‘city’ you might be thinking […] Read more…

Stepping stones at Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park, London

Autumn Walk In Isabella Plantation, Richmond Park, London

It’s amazing how different a place can look visiting in different seasons. The last time I went to the Isabella Plantation in London’s Richmond Park was in spring. In autumn a far different sight greeted us. We were visiting the Royal Park on a sunny October Saturday morning to soak up some of the changing hues […] Read more…

City Tripping #48 Edinburgh

City Tripping #48

The weeks seem to be rapidly disappearing and I can’t believe we are almost in mid October. We’ve just had another whirlwind weekend. Sunday was spent in Hyde Park attempting to see my husband run in his first competitive race since getting meningitis (and having heart surgery) and getting diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He was […] Read more…

City Tripping 47

City Tripping #47

It has been quite a diverse week for me and I’ve got to see a few places in and around London which I wasn’t familiar with. Earlier this week my youngest daughter and I went for a water confidence lesson with Fusion at Lewisham Leisure Centre – a fantastic space in south London and a great […] Read more…

The City of London, UK

City Tripping #46

Isn’t it great when you visit a city with little expectations and end up being pleasantly surprised? Gothenburg in Sweden was one of those cities for me. Despite arriving on a very rainy day, once the clouds had cleared we discovered a city filled with sights and attractions and with loads to do for children. As we […] Read more…

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