City Tripping

City Tripping

City Tripping is on a Summer Break

With the school summer holidays upon us and travel plans galore, City Tripping is having a bit of a break for the summer. My co-host, Cathy at MummyTravels, is off on a very exciting trip to Cambodia while I will be road tripping around France for a couple of weeks with my family. Towards the […]

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City Tripping #85

It’s the countdown to the start of the holidays and the end of my daughter’s first year at school! Where did the year go? We’ll soon be heading off to France and I’m looking forward to spending some family time together. We’ve been up and down to London a lot over the past few weeks […]

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City Tripping London

City Tripping #83

We’ve had the summer solstice and suddenly we are in July with the school summer holidays looming. Mrs T will soon wrap up her first year at school and then we have six weeks of summer. Hurrah! What shall we do though? Like many other parents, I am keen to get some inspiration for UK […]

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City Tripping London 79

City Tripping #79

The tragic events in my home city of London have left me with a heavy heart. My thoughts go out to those affected. I love London. It is my home and my favourite city in the world. For people to be targeted for enjoying everything the UK capital has to offer is sickening. But London is […]

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City Tripping Hong Kong

City Tripping #75

It seems a while since we arrived back from our family trip to Asia. Funny how quickly you get back to daily life. In fact, it’s only two weeks since we jetted back from Singapore, although far longer since we were in Hong Kong. The city has been the subject of my latest post and […]

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Singapore City Tripping 73

City Tripping #73

As much as I love to travel, it can be very satisfying to get through your own door and no longer live out of a suitcase. We returned from our three week trip to Asia at the weekend. It was an extra bonus to find Spring in full bloom and the sun shining (although that hasn’t […]

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City Tripping Stockholm #71

City Tripping #71

South East Asia was where I truly caught the travel bug – sixteen years ago. My time backpacking in the region cemented my love of travel and desire to see the world. Now we are back in the region – as a family of four – visiting some new places and a familiar one too. […]

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Bath City Tripping 69: Pixabay

City Tripping #69

Back in August last year we booked a trip to Asia. It felt so far away at the time but now it is suddenly here! Of course, I feel woefully underprepared for it, nothing that a bit of last minute packing and research won’t fix though. It will be brilliant although I’m slightly apprehensive about the […]

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City Tripping, Bristol, Pixabay

City Tripping #68

Last week my City Tripping co-host Cathy, and I, announced a slight change to the City Tripping linky we have been running for over a year now…67 links and counting! Going forward, the link up will alternate between the hosts. Not too much changes, it’s still the same fab linky where you can find some great city-travel inspiration and lovely […]

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City Tripping Bologna

City Tripping #67

Spring is springing with the flowers starting to emerge and the sun breaking out from the clouds. What better time to make some fresh changes? Top of the list is a mini overhaul for the City Tripping linky which I co-host with the lovely Cathy at MummyTravels. After more than a year, and 66 link-ups […]

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City Tripping #63

It barely seems like yesterday that we came back from skiing and now it’s almost time to head off again as February half term looms closer. What travel plans do you have for this month? We are revisiting the Alps for a few days next week (which means I really HAVE to publish my post from […]

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Tallinn City Tripping pixabay

City Tripping #62

I find it quite fascinating how we can visit a sight, city or country and have a completely different perspective and experience than the person next to us. Having read through all your lovely comments on the post I linked last week about my visit to Gamla Stan in Stockholm, it was very insightful to hear […]

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