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How to apply for a child passport

How To Apply For A Child Passport

As a family who loves to travel, we wasted little time in applying for our daughters’ passports when they were born. Both started their travels early, going abroad when they were just weeks old. As such it means we have a bit of experience when it comes to applying for a child passport – especially if […]

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Porto at sunset, Portugal

10 Tips For City Breaks With Kids

Some people can be a bit hesitant about going on city breaks with kids and be put off exploring inner city life – but that would be a mistake. There’s so much to learn and see in cities which have no shortage of family-friendly activities. We have had some amazing city breaks with our daughter. It can […]

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Road trip

Car Safety Advice For A Road Trip

When my husband suggested we travelled to the Alps in the south of France – by car – a bit of persuasion was required. Flying there takes just over an hour. Driving is a good 12 hours! But, with the promise of an extended road trip over the border to Italy and the freedom to take pretty […]

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Mrs T at the swimming pool playground

10 Reasons My Daughter Loves Travel

It goes without saying that my husband and I adore travelling. We are currently planning one of our next trips and I am getting incredibly excited about it! Thankfully, my daughter shares our passion too. Well, she didn’t really have much option, did she? But starting her early has helped her to view travel as […]

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