Hong Kong: City Tripping Linky

City Tripping #77

Any plans I had this week of getting out and exploring were swiftly halted on Friday when my daughter told me she was “looking at her spots”. Not just any spots it turns out. Yes, we’ve been dealing with an outbreak of chicken pox in our household . The furthest my daughter has been over the […]

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How to apply for a child passport

How To Apply For A Child Passport

As a family who loves to travel, we wasted little time in applying for our daughters’ passports when they were born. Both started their travels early, going abroad when they were just weeks old. As such it means we have a bit of experience when it comes to applying for a child passport – especially if […]

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City Tripping Hong Kong

City Tripping #75

It seems a while since we arrived back from our family trip to Asia. Funny how quickly you get back to daily life. In fact, it’s only two weeks since we jetted back from Singapore, although far longer since we were in Hong Kong. The city has been the subject of my latest post and […]

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Singapore City Tripping 73

City Tripping #73

As much as I love to travel, it can be very satisfying to get through your own door and no longer live out of a suitcase. We returned from our three week trip to Asia at the weekend. It was an extra bonus to find Spring in full bloom and the sun shining (although that hasn’t […]

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City Tripping Stockholm #71

City Tripping #71

South East Asia was where I truly caught the travel bug – sixteen years ago. My time backpacking in the region cemented my love of travel and desire to see the world. Now we are back in the region – as a family of four – visiting some new places and a familiar one too. […]

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