It’s been a rather messy week in our household. Aside from the kitchen mess (see previous post), Mrs T has decided to really let loose. Now please forgive me, I’m going to broach a subject I never thought I would write about in either my professional or personal life. Being awoken by the sound of […]

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Home Improvements

They say the kitchen is the worst room in the house to refurbish. Well, I can confidently confirm, it is true. For the past six weeks we have been living in amongst boxes and bags of saucepans, cutlery and food with our fridge now residing in our lounge. Locating something as simple as a clean […]

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Coffee With Work Mates

Mrs T and I met up with some of my friends from work today. Was brilliant to see them and catch up on what they’ve been up to. One has just got engaged! We went to Carluccios which is great with kids, felt very welcome and Mrs T has got charming waiters, well, down to […]

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6 Months Old Today

Half a year has already passed since Mrs T came into our life and I feel so, so blessed to have her. It had been an amazing six months and she has never failed to do something to make us smile and laugh on a daily basis and even cry with pride on occasions. As […]

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Valentine’s Day Meal: Chez Bruce

Had a delicious meal at Chez Bruce in Wandsworth for Valentine’s Day- was a lovely meal. We’d only been to the Michelin-starred restaurant once before when we first got together (and Cal was no doubt trying to impress me). That was around 7 years when I used to live in the area. Standards certainly have […]

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Lunch at Ping Pong

Met up with a good friend from uni today for lunch at dim sum restaurant Ping Pong in Waterloo- was pleasantly surprised at how accommodating it is for kids… High chair available (although a bit big for Mrs T) and changing room (of course I only found this out after I’d changed her on one […]

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