Easyjet aeroplane: Pixabay

EasyJet New Auto Bag Drop At Gatwick

If you are travelling with EasyJet from Gatwick in the near future, you should be aware that there is a new system in place. As well as checking in online, we can now physically check our baggage in too – following the launch of Gatwick and EasyJet’s ‘Auto Bag Drop’ in October last year. Just like the self-service […] Read more…

Mrs T at the swimming pool playground

10 Reasons My Daughter Loves Travel

It goes without saying that my husband and I adore travelling. We are currently planning one of our next trips and I am getting incredibly excited about it! Thankfully, my daughter shares our passion too. Well, she didn’t really have much option, did she? But starting her early has helped her to view travel as […] Read more…

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