In over 20 years of world travels, I’ve somehow avoided any major thefts or loss of valuables. Sure, things have been misplaced or lost: a makeup case after a flight from Singapore, a beloved hat left in an Oslo hotel (still haven’t forgiven my husband for missing that) and some travellers chequers (remember those) while backpacking in Thailand. Nothing hugely valuable but I’m well aware it could all change in an instant.

As many of us pack up for the summer holidays, have a think about how you’ll be keeping your treasured items – and your home – safe while you’re away. I have friendly neighbours who keep an eye on our house as well as a burglar alarm. But did you know mowing your lawn before you go away and closing your bedroom curtains (but not your downstairs curtains) can help make your home more secure? I didn’t – until I read these great tips from

The home security website is encouraging people to think about keeping valuables safe as they travel. They very kindly sent me a family travel pack to help our road trip to France go a little smoother. While the CN Traveller magazine, sun cream and phone power pack are items I always take, I’ve never used a portable safe nor a shield to protect contactless cards before (what a great idea). I know they will give extra reassurance and protection while we’re away. Afterall, having a credit card or passport going missing would be a huge pain (and waste precious time on the beach)!

While I don’t own many high value possessions, I’d be devastated if items such as photographs and letters disappeared. Afterall, home and travel insurance often covers valuables but your one-off treasures are irreplaceable. I make sure that at home, my hard copy photos and memory cards are safely hidden away and digital photographs put on a portable drive which is then secured in a home safe. What do you do with yours?

What about keeping items secure when on the road or flying? Simple acts such as putting padlocks on luggage, concealing expensive watches and electronics and being vigilant can make a difference. When we travel, I avoid putting valuables in my check-in luggage and when staying in hotels we always use the hotel safe. From now on, we’ll also be using our new portable safe to store items such as passports, money, phones and cards.

Portable safe to keep valuables safe on holiday

If I can travel for another 20 years and only lose a hat or two I’ll be pleased. It’s important to stay clued up though. Do secure your home properly and make sure you’re aware of any local scams so you can enjoy your holiday and not worry about security. Have a great holiday, wherever you go. Happy travels.

What precautions do you take to keep your valuables and treasured items safe when on the road or in your home? Would appreciate any tips! 

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4 Comments on How Do You Keep Valuables Safe On Holiday?

    • Wander Mum
      July 26, 2017 at 11:51 pm (8 months ago)

      Definitely! Would be really upset if anything happened to them.

  1. Random Musings
    July 28, 2017 at 4:24 pm (8 months ago)

    I’ve never been on for using hotel safes – it seems pointless as the only person who has access to it also has access to the master key or override if it’s a combination lock. I tend to keep money, passports and any other valuables in my suitcase which I lock and carry the key. I know it’s not fool proof, but generally anyone trying to steal from you isn’t interested in the empty suitcase under the bed
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  2. jonny
    August 31, 2017 at 10:01 am (7 months ago)

    I have always used a portable safe but before leaving my house I forget to lock all the doors as i Was in a great hurry and someone break in and stole all the tv’s fridge and everything and yes don do this before leaving. Thanks for sharing this article.


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