Learning Fast: The Perfect Excuse To Travel

In the first 24 hours of being on holiday, Mrs T has learnt several new things including… Putting her foot in her mouth Making a proper raspberry sound with her tongue and lips. Going in the swimming pool for the first time- and loving it. Having the longest laughing fit we’ve heard from her. Grabbing […]

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Finding Her Feet

So, I’m sitting at the pool, enjoying some much needed sun…in no way smug because the UK is currently covered in snow with below minus temperatures. I won’t lie, it feels amazing. Getting away somewhere hot in January is the best! As a boy around Mrs T’s age wails in the background, she happily lies […]

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The Flight

Surprisingly, it really wasn’t too bad…aside from almost missing it (obviously my fault). Mrs T was brilliant for the majority of the six and a half hour BA flight to Dubai (I even managed to watch a WHOLE movie). But for the last 20 minutes when we were descending, she kicked off. It must have […]

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Starting out

I have my best friend, Emilia, to thank for encouraging me to start this blog. If nothing, she noted, it will be a good record for Mrs T to look back on when she is older. Hopefully though my mutterings will appeal to more than one person, who can’t even read yet, as I chronicle […]

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